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Welcome from the General Chairs
Takeshi Hattori, Susumu Yoshida & Fumiyuki Adachi

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you all to the IEEE VTC2012-Spring held in a beautiful harbor front city of Yokohama!

It has been already 12 years since we had the last VTC conference in Tokyo, Japan. In that year 2000, total number of digital mobile subscribers in the world was 663 million with 2nd generation systems, while currently, it has exceeded 5 billion. During the last decade, we have enjoyed tremendous evolution of mobile communications in terms of subscriber numbers and technologies. Diversified services are now available from voice, video and Internet. Thanks to novel technologies, packet data rate has been increased by 1000 times during the last decade drived by the demand of wireless applications by smart-phones. And still, mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 200 percent per year in Japan and in other major countries resulting into 1000 times in the next decade. To cope with this high volume traffic, innovative technologies of radio-access, system and network should be furthermore developed.

Last year, we have encountered the unprecedented disaster due to great earthquake in eastern Japan and found the role of mobile communications vitally important in every aspect. We would like to express our deep appreciation for your warm heartfelt supports for the recovery and also for so many participants like you attending this IEEE VTC2012-Spring from all over the world. Let us seize this moment to shape the new global society in which the peoples of the world enjoy a sense of not only efficiency and affluence but also security with the advancement of mobile communications technologies.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express sincere appreciations to all of the colleagues for the concerted efforts to prepare the conference, and appreciations to the authors who have submitted valuable papers.

Finally, but not least, we hope that you will enjoy not only in-depth discussions and information exchanges during this prestigious conference but also a lot of traditional cultural flavors in Japan to make your stay more memorable.

Welcome from the TPC Chairs
Seiichi Sampei, TPC Chair & Mamoru Sawahashi, TPC Vice Chair

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee (TPC), it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 75th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) to take place in the first harbor city introduced to the world as the entrance to Japan.

The committee has organized an impressive program that advances the current technical and research trends under this year’s conference theme "Shaping the Advanced Wireless Society". This time, we have organized 12 technical tracks covering many exciting aspects of advanced wireless society. Especially, we have newly introduced "GREEN Networks track" because we can no longer talk anything about the future of our ICT society without the word "GREEN".

The technical program consists of 67 oral sessions and 9 poster and exhibition sessions. In total, the conference Track Chairs have selected 335oral papers and 132 poster papers from a total of973 submissions from about 40 countries to the12 technical tracks. All the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In addition to the regular sessions, the program offers 2 panel sessions and 6 tutorials addressing some of the main mobile and wireless communication and localization challenges.

The creation of this impressive program would not be possible without the voluntary support from an outstanding team of colleagues that we would like to strongly thank. Special thanks go to conference Track Chairs that organized a very efficient and smooth review and session organization process, as well as the Panel and Tutorial Chairs that organized very excellent sessions.

We would also like to thank the great job of our dedicated TPC members and reviewers, for their professional and timely review of technical contributions. We are also very grateful to the constant support from Prof. James Irvine in the technical program preparation process. Of course, making a successful technical conference is not possible without the participation from authors, to whom we would like to express our gratitude for having decided to present and share their ideas and contributions to our community.

I would also like to thank the IEEE VTC2012-Spring Organization Committee for its full support. I look forward to meeting you in Yokohama, Japan, this May. You will enjoy the conference and the harbor city of Japan!

Welcome from the VTS President
Tracy L. Fulghum

On behalf of VTS, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 75th VTC in Yokohama, Japan. This conference brings together researchers from all over the world to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. Yokohama, with its fashionable and sophisticated streetscapes, serves as the cosmopolitan backdrop for this exciting conference.

For over sixty years this flagship conference of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society brings together individuals from academia, government, and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. Since 1999, VTC has been held twice a year: in North America, and rotating between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, increasing accessibility to the conference experience throughout the world. We are currently taking steps to expand the coverage of vehicular electronics and land transportation to increase the breadth of VTC beyond its traditionally strong areas.

Besides its conference activities, the VT Society continues to publish and improve its major IEEE journal, Transactions on Vehicular Technology, which is among the best in the field. We invite you to get involved with VTS as a member and help shape the future of our profession. I hope that this conference may inspire some of you to consider hosting a future VTC.

I wish to convey a special thank you to the General Chair and Co-Chairs of VTC 2012-Spring, Professors Takeshi Hattori, Susumu Yoshida, and Fumiyuki Adachi. Special thanks also must be conveyed to Technical Program Chair and Vice-Chair, Professors Seiichi Sampei and Mamoru Sawahashi. They have assembled what will be an exciting and stimulating program.

Finally, I wish to welcome you to Yokohama and VTC 2012-Spring.