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The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society invites the world‘s leading researchers and engineers from industry, academia and government to exchange their ideas at the IEEE VTC2013-Spring conference in Dresden, Germany in June 2013. It will be hosted at the International Congress Center of Dresden which lies in the heart of the historical city amongst its popular sights: the Semper Opera House, the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche.

Besides the opportunity for high-quality discussions about the most recent technologies and business applications, the IEEE VTC2013-Spring offers an extraordinary visibility with the powerful, international audience at the conference. The IEEE VTC2013-Spring attracts the “Who’s Who” in vehicular and wireless communications, i.e., leading customers, operators, vendors, researchers and investors. It has a long track record and an increasingly powerful, loyal audience and is considered since 1950 as a “major vehicular technology and communications event”. The character of the event as a place where important ideas are exchanged, recent developments are discussed and current products are presented is evident and continually reinforced throughout the event.

To improve the conference’s diversity, the VTC2013-Spring provides an embedded exhibition area close to technical sessions, coffee areas and poster areas to ensure frequent attendance. This is an excellent chance to present your company and its recent results, as well as to get in touch with the best and most ambitious talents in industry and academia. In addition, to provide you the best possible benefit, the exhibition areas will be grouped by topic.

Exhibition Location

IEEE VTC2013-Spring offers you the possibility to present your company in a main exhibition area on the terrace level of the conference center. Terrace level is the main entrance area and hosts the poster session. This level is the most frequented area at the International Congress Center as attendees will walk through on their way from one session to another. Besides, coffee breaks are served on this level which makes the area even more attractive for our embedded exhibition!

The terrace level serve as main exhibition area in order to perfectly integrate your company's presentation in VTC2013-Spring. Through the choice of the individual symposia tracks, the organizers of VTC2013-Spring assure that this level is highly frequented and the exhibition area is perfectly embedded in IEEE VTC2013-Spring. To obtain a more detailed overview of our exhibition on terrace level, please download the exhibition plan showing you a possible configuration of the locations of the individual booths.

Booth Dimensions and Rates

IEEE VTC2013-Spring offers a large number of booths of variable size:

  • 2m x 3m for EUR 2,500
  • 2m x 6m for EUR 4,500

Each booth is equipped with a table, a chair, a waste bucket and a sign identifying the exhibitor. All requests such as additional furniture and other additional equipment can be individually arranged with the conference organizer and may be subject to additional fees. Furthermore, the organizers will determine after consultation with you the actual placement of the individual booths.

Opening Hours


To book your exhibition booth at IEEE VTC2013-Spring, please contact either the

VTS Patron and Exhibits coordinator at VTC@ICTSGroup.com

or the

Local Arrangement Chair

Patrick Grosa
Phone: +49 351 463 41054
Fax: +49 351 463 41099
E-Mail: grosa@ifn.et.tu-dresden.de

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