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Welcome from the Conference General Chairman
Youngnam Han

Dear Colleagues - On behalf of the organizing committee of VTC2014 Spring in Seoul, I welcome you all to this stimulating city of vibrant people and advanced technologies of a connected society.

It has been a decade since IEEE VTC2003 Spring was held in Jeju, Korea when the major theme was the emerging technologies for 4G. Then, we struggled with the advent of 3G systems deployment. We experienced shortage of radio resources for very reliable, high rate multimedia traffic required by the applications on smart phones. Recently, mobile communication system development and research activities for 5G have been initiated by many regional initiatives with support from government, industry and academia. Potential areas of applications such as connected cars, remote healthcare, and augmented reality can expedite the 5G systems research and development.
We express sincere appreciation to all of our colleagues for their concerted efforts, to all of the authors who submitted their valuable research contributions that will lead very fruitful discussions, and to all of the participant’s efforts to make this conference a success.
We hope that you will enjoy the technical in-depth presentations and discussions of state-of-the-art technologies during this prestigious conference. We also hope that you will enjoy and feel the coexistence of the past and present Korean culture, the mingled eastern and western cultures and our presentations of the future technologies.

Youngnam Han
General Chair

Welcome from the Technical Program Co-chairs
Seong-cheol Kim and Saewoong Bahk

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee (TPC), we warmly welcome you to the 79th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) in the historical and modernistic city of Seoul, Korea.
The committee has organized exciting programs for IEEE VTC2014-Spring wireless communication and vehicular technology with conference themes of “Extending Wireless Communication Horizon” and “IT Convergence for the Future”. These themes cover the latest topics such as 5G mobile communications, Internet of Things (IoT), super Wi-Fi and V2V/V2I.
The technical program consists of 75 technical oral sessions in 13 tracks. The conference track chairs have selected 375 outstanding papers for the oral sessions. In addition to the oral sessions, we present three workshops, two keynote presentations and several tutorials introducing some of the latest advances in wireless communication and IT convergence. The creation of this impressive program would not be possible without the voluntary support from an outstanding team of colleagues that we thank sincerely.
Special thanks go to the conference track chairs who have organized a very efficient and smooth review and session organization process, as well as the workshop, panel and tutorial chairs that have organized very informative sessions. We also thank all the TPC members and reviewers for their professional and timely review of technical contributions. Of course, making a successful technical conference would not have been possible without the participation from authors, to whom we express our gratitude for presenting and sharing their ideas and contributions with our community. We also thank the IEEE VTC2014-Spring organizing committee for their support.
We are pleased to meet with you here in Seoul and to share the many excellent presentations and networking opportunities

Seong-cheol Kim and Saewoong Bahk
TPC Co-Chairs, IEEE VTC2014-Spring

Welcome from the President of the Vehicular Technology Society
Fabrice Labeau

On behalf of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, it is my pleasure to invite you to the IEEE 79th Vehicular Technology Conference in Seoul.

By attending VTC 2014 Spring, you will join researchers from all over the world who will converge to Seoul to network and exchange ideas on the latest advances in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. An international vehicular technology hub, Seoul forms the perfect backdrop for these encounters. I hope you will also be able to take advantage of the beautiful Spring season in Seoul, and that you will have the opportunity to enjoy the richness of this millennia-old city.

For over sixty years this flagship conference of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has been bringing together individuals from academia, government, and industry around the themes of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. Since 1999, VTC has been held twice a year: in North America, and rotating between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, increasing accessibility to the conference experience throughout the world. Held in Las Vegas in September 2013, it will move to Vancouver in Canada in the fall of 2014.

My sincere thanks go to the organizing committee, and in particular to the General Chair Youngnam Han, and Technical Program Chairs Seong-Cheol Kim and Saewoong Bahk, along with their respective teams. They have been assembling an exciting and stimulating program of technical sessions, plenaries and workshops, which will expose you to the latest developments in wireless and mobile technology, but also in emerging areas of vehicular technologies.

I wish you a wonderful experience in this conference, where you will meet your existing collaborators and hopefully build new relations.

Fabrice Labeau
President, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society