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WiVEC 2010 Program

Sunday 16 May
1pm–2pm   Opening and Keynote session
2.10pm–4pm   Oral Session 1: Antennas, Wireless Channel and Physical Layer
4pm–5pm   Demos session (includes coffee break)
5:10pm–6:40pm   WiVeC Panel
7pm–9pm   VTC & WiVeC Welcome Reception
Monday 17 May
8:30am–10am   VTC Opening Plenary
10am–10:30am   Coffee Break
10:30am–12pm   Oral Session 2: Protocol and MAC Layer
12:10pm–1:30pm   Lunch
1:30pm–3:00pm   Oral Session 3: Security and Privacy
3:00pm–3:30pm   Coffee Break
3:30pm–5:00pm   Oral Session 4: Applications, System and Experiments

Oral Session 1: Antennas, Wireless Channel and Physical Layer
Chair: Angela Doufexi, University of Bristol, UK

  1. An Empirical Doubly-Selective Dual-Polarization Vehicular MIMO Channel Model, Guillermo Acosta-Marum, Brett T. Walkenhorst and Robert J. Baxley
  2. A Modulation Dependent Channel Coherence Metric for VANET Simulation Using IEEE 802.11p, Jared Dulmage, Michael P. Fitz and Danijela Cabric
  3. On the Statistical Analysis of the Channel Capacity of Double Rayleigh Channels with Equal Gain Combining in V2V Communication Systems, Batool Talha and Matthias Pätzold
  4. Mobile WiMAX: Impact of Mobility on the Performance of Limited Feedback Linear Precoding, Mai Tran, Andrew Nix and Angela Doufexi
  5. An Empirical Study of RF Link for Wireless Automotive Passive Entry System, Mohamed Cheikh, Sébastien Kessler, Jean-Guy Tartarin, Alexis Morin and Jacques David
  6. Coverage Area Prediction Method of Extremely Reliable In-Car MB-OFDM UWB Communication, Ryouhei Kaneko, Akihiro Yamakita and Fumiaki Maehara

Oral Session 2: Protocol and MAC Layer
Chair: Falko Dressler, University of Erlangen, Germany

  1. Evaluation of Multi-Channel Schemes for Vehicular Safety Communications, Kezhu Hong, John B. Kenney, Vinuth Rai and Kenneth P. Laberteaux
  2. Impact of Using Multi-Packet Reception on Performance in Delay Tolerant Networks, Feng Gu, Xu Li, Min-You Wu and Wei Shu
  3. Channel Allocation in a Multiple Distributed Vehicular Users Using Game Theory, Yusita Kasdani, Yong Huat Chew, Chau Yuen and Woon Hau Chin
  4. Reliable Broadcasting for Active Safety Applications in Vehicular Highway Networks, Martin Koubek, Susan Rea and Dirk Pesch
  5. Spatial Diversity for IEEE 802.11p Post-Crash Message Dissemination in a Highway Environment, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Angela Doufexi and Robert J. Piechocki

Oral Session 3: Security and Privacy
Chair: Jérôme Härri, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

  1. A Simple Privacy Preserving Route Tracing Mechanism for VANET, Sangjin Kim and Heekuck Oh
  2. An Elliptic Curve Distributed Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Hisham Dahshan and James Irvine
  3. Enhancing Security and Privacy in C2X Communication by Radiation Pattern Control, Hagen Stübing, Abdulhadi Shoufan and Sorin A. Huss
  4. Safe Distance Based Location Privacy in Vehicular Networks, Yu-Chih Wei and Yi-Ming Chen
  5. BSS: A Distributed Top-k Processing in Mobile BusNet for Security Surveillance, Xu Li, Jiajun Hu, Hongyu Huang, Jialiang Lu, Wei Shu, Minglu Li and Min-You Wu

Oral Session 4: Applications, System and Experiments
Chair: Vinuth Rai, Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA

  1. Trace-Based Evaluation of Rate Adaptation Schemes in Vehicular Environments, Kevin C. Lee, Juan M. Navarro, Tin Y. Chong, Uichin Lee and Mario Gerla
  2. Comfort Applications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Based on Fountain Coding, Saleh Yousefi, Tijani Chahed, Seyed Masoud Mousavi Langari and Kaywan Zayer
  3. Improving Safety for Driverless City Vehicles: Real-Time Communication and Decision Making, Andrei Furda, Laurent Bouraoui, Michel Parent and Ljubo Vlacic
  4. iTETRIS: Adaptation of ITS Technologies for Large Scale Integrated Simulation, Vineet Kumar, Lan Lin, Daniel Krajzewicz, Fatma Hrizi, Oscar Martinez, Javier Gozalvez and Ramon Bauza
  5. Efficient Time Diversity Evaluation for Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Jean-Guy Tartarin, Mohamed Cheikh, Sébastien Kessler, Alexis Morin and Jacques David

Demo Session

  1. NCTUns 6.0: A Simulator for Advanced Wireless Vehicular Network Research, Shie-Yuan Wang and Chih-Che Lin
  2. A Demonstrator for Beamforming in C2X Communication, Hagen Stübing, Abdulhadi Shoufan and Sorin A. Huss
  3. ITRI WAVE/DSRC Communication Unit, Hsia-hsin Li and Kang-Chiao Lin
  4. Simulation-as-a-Service for ITS Applications, Jérôme Härri, Moritz Killat, Tessa Tielert, Jens Mittag and Hannes Hartenstein

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