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Welcome from the General Co-chairs
Daniel Jiang and Raja Sengupta

It is our pleasure to welcome attendees to the Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (IEEE WiVeC2011).

After the successful first, second, and third WiVeC workshops in 2007 (Baltimore), 2008 (Calgary), and 2010 (Taipei), the fourth IEEE WiVeC symposium will be co-located with the 72nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2011 Fall conference and will take place in San Francisco on the 5th and 6th of September 2011. VTC Fall editions are traditionally located in North America, while VTC Spring editions are located in other areas of the world. Since WiVeC was originally launched co-located with VTC Fall editions, the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society decided that WiVeC would take place every year and a half in order to ensure that the conference is alternatively co-located with VTC Fall and Spring editions. This resulted in there being no WiVeC in 2009.

The papers to be presented at IEEE WiVeC2010 cover the full range of wireless vehicular communications: physical layer; protocol design; security and applications and systems. As has been a tradition since the first WiVeC edition, IEEE WiVeC2010 will also host a series of wireless vehicular communications demos and invited speakers. We would like to thank all authors who submitted their work to WiVec, the members of our Technical Program Committee and the external reviewers for providing timely and high quality reviews. We are also grateful to Vinuth Rai our Demo Chair, Tao Zhang our speakers chair and Eric Mai our Local Arrangements and Publicity Chair. We congratulate Frank Kargl and Yaser Fallah for their effective leadership of the TPC. Finally, we express our special appreciation to Javier Gozalvez for his guidance and contribution to WIVEC since its inception. We are grateful for the support of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society.

Welcome from the TPC Co-chairs
Frank Kargl and Yaser P. Fallah

Welcome to WiVeC 2011 in San Francisco! We hope you will enjoy the exciting technical program that the Technical Program Committee has prepared for you. We have selected 23 high quality papers from all submissions for oral and poster presentation. In addition, we also have four demonstrations. Together, papers and demos represent the full range of vehicular wireless communications from physical layer and radio to applications and experiments.

We want to use this opportunity to thank all the authors who submitted papers to IEEE WiVeC 2011. Their contributions, presentations, and attendance are essential for a successful conference. All submissions were carefully reviewed in a blind review by at least three reviewers and this led to the selection of the papers at hand. So our sincere thanks also go to the 46 members of the Technical Program Committee. We highly appreciate your effort for providing thorough reviews and feedback to the authors. The same is of course also true for the additional reviewers supporting the TPC. Beyond, we also want to thank the general co-chairs Daniel Jiang and Raja Sengupta for the smooth and enjoyable cooperation. We also thank the speakers chair Tao Zhang, the demos chair Vinuth Rai, and last but not least the publicity and arrangements chair Eric Mai. Finally, our thank would not be complete without thanking our finance chair James Irvine for his invaluable advice and help.

We hope that you will enjoy attending IEEE WiVeC 2011 or reading the proceedings as much as we have enjoyed compiling the program. We look forward to meeting you in San Francisco for thought-provoking presentations and discussions. And of course, we wish you a pleasant and exciting stay in San Francisco, one of the most vibrant cities of the world.