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Welcome from the General Chair
Lajos Hanzo

Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to commence by welcoming you to VTC 2011 Spring in the vibrant city of Budapest! I have been faithfully attending VTC for the past two decades and I have a vivid recollection of this dynamic period of spectacular growth across the wireless communications industry.

My hope is that you would enjoy the rich technical blend of plenaries and panels presented by distinguished industrial and academic leaders converging on Budapest from all over the globe. These will also be complemented by tutorials, workshops and the regular technical sessions.

I am indebted to the entire organizing and technical program committee, especially to the TPC Co-Chairs Drs Andrea Conti, Iain Collings and Wei Chen for their generous support as well as to all the
Track Chairs for their dedication. Our committee has also been tirelessly assisted by the VTS board, in particular by Dr James Irvine and special thanks are due to Jim Budwey for 'oiling the wheels' every step of the way. Naturally, we are all grateful to our valued colleagues in the research community who assisted us in securing well over 3000 reviews!

It is my privilege to convey the community's gratitude to the conference patrons, namely to Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, HTE and Wiley-Blackwell. Needless to say that a lot of further volunteers contributed in numerous ways to the success of the conference.
On a technical note, the advances of the past three decades facilitated a 1000-fold throughput improvement, but naturally, this was achieved at the cost of a substantially increased power consumption. In the light of the escalating energy prices this motivated the design of 'green radios', aiming for more power-efficient solutions - all in all, an exciting era for our community.

My hope is that you, dear Colleague will enjoy the technical
discussions, meeting old friends and forging new professional links,
but that you will also be able to sample the local culture and history - I much look forward to an enlightening and enjoyable event with you!


Lajos Hanzo

Welcome from the TPC Co-chairs
Andrea Conti, Iain Collings, and Wei Chen

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee (TPC), it is our pleasure to welcome you to the 73rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference(VTC) to take place in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. The committee has organized an impressive program that advances the current technical and research trends “Beyond the Generations Game”, which is this year's conference theme. The technical program consists of 86 oral sessions and 9 poster and exhibition sessions. In total, the conference Track Chairs have selected 423 oral papers and 173 poster papers, from a total of 1164 submissions over 12 tracks. In addition to the regular sessions, the program offers 2 panel sessions and 6 tutorials addressing some of the main mobile and wireless communication and localization challenges. We are also pleased to announce that the 73rd IEEE VTC2011 Spring conference will also host 5 workshops that have selected 74 oral papers from 158 submissions.

The creation of this impressive program would not be possible without the voluntary support from an outstanding team of colleagues that we would like to strongly thank. Special thanks go to our Tutorials Chair Sherman Shen as well as to conference Track Chairs that organised a very efficient and smooth reviewing process.

We would also like to thank the great job of our dedicated TPC members and reviewers, their dedication and cooperation have been fundamental for the professional and timely review of technical contributions. We are also very grateful to the constant support from James Irvine and Sherri M. Young in the technical program preparation process. Of course, making a successful technical conference is not possible without the participation from authors, to whom we would like to express our gratitude for having decided to present and share their ideas and contributions to our community.

Once again, we welcome you all to the 73rd IEEE VTC2011-Spring Conference and hope you will appreciate and enjoy both the technical program and social opportunities on offer in Budapest.

Welcome from the VTS President
Jae Hong Lee

On behalf of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the IEEE 73rd Vehicular Technology Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers from the whole world to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology.

I am sure that Budapest, a historic city serving as a crossroad for various cultures, is a fitting location for this conference. The Vehicular Technology Conference has been the flag ship conference of the IEEE Vehicular Technology (VT) Society for over sixty years. For last twenty-two years it has been successfully held twice a year: fall conferences in North America and spring conferences in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Under the slogan of “Connecting the Mobile World,” the VT Society is committed to all aspects of mobility related to wireless communications, vehicle electronics, motor vehicles, and land transportation. Besides extending its conference activities the VT Society has been very successful recently in publishing the Transactions on Vehicular Technology with its impact factor increased for last five years in a row to become comparable to those of major IEEE journals in related areas.

We invite you to get involved within the VTS as a member to help to shape the future of your profession. Also I hope that this conference may inspire some of you to consider hosting a future VTC.

I wish to convey a special thank to the General Chair of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2011-Spring, Lajos Hanzo, and its Technical Program Chairs, Andrea Conti, Wei Chen, and Iain B. Collings, and other members of the committees for their thoughtful implementation of the excellent conference program.

Finally, I wish to thank all of the delegates attending the conference and wish you a most enjoyable stay.