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Welcome from the General Chair
Jeffrey Miller

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! This conference is going to continue with the trends of previous VTCs but add a unique aspect that only Vegas can provide. Las Vegas is known as "the city that never sleeps," and you will notice that the statement is true. Some of the best dining, entertainment, pools, spas, and of course gambling will complement a tremendous technical program put together by three very seasoned VTC attendees. For those of you who liked VTC in Anchorage in 2009 and San Francisco in 2011, I am hoping to top those with the technical and social events in Vegas. I hope to see you all in fabulous Las Vegas!

Welcome from the TPC Co-Chairs
Alexander M. Wyglinski, Falko Dressler, Onur Altintas

On behalf of the technical program committee of the IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference (IEEE VTC 2013 Fall), we would like to sincerely welcome you to one of the world's most exciting cities: Las Vegas!

These are exciting times for wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. Societies' increasing reliance on seamless wireless information exchanges across a growing number of applications have resulted in new opportunities, as well as new technical challenges, for the VTS community. Simultaneously, the latest advances in computing technology have enabled researchers to "think outside the box" and attempt solutions not considered realizable only a decade ago. Consequently, we are truly enthusiastic by the technical program that our committee have worked hard to assemble for IEEE VTC 2013 Fall, consisting of a collection of high quality, high impact papers produced by researchers from around the world on cutting-edge, state-of-the-art topics such as cognitive radio, vehicular networking, cooperative communications, satellite transmission, and sensor networks, to name only a few of the many subjects covered by this conference across 11 tracks in 78 technical sessions.

During your stay in Las Vegas, we hope that you will take every opportunity to engage with the other conference attendees at IEEE VTC 2013 Fall, such as brainstorming about new ideas, developing new research collaborations, discussing about the latest results and technical findings, and more. We would like to wish you a very positive and rewarding conference experience, and looking forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas!

With warmest regards,

Alex Wyglinski, Falko Dressler, Onur Altintas
TPC Co-Chairs, IEEE VTC 2013 Fall

Welcome from the VTS President
Tracy L. Fulghum

On behalf of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, it is my pleasure to invite you to the IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference in Las Vegas. These conferences bring together researchers from all over the world to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. The city’s vitality provides an ideal backdrop for unique these exciting high-tech conferences.

For over sixty years this flagship conference of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society brings together individuals from academia, government, and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. Since 1999, VTC has been held twice a year: in North America, and rotating between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, increasing accessibility to the conference experience throughout the world. The 77th VTC was held in Germany in June; the 79th will be held next spring in Seoul, Korea.

I wish to convey a special thank you to the General Chair Jeffrey Miller, and Technical Program Chairs Alex Wyglinski, Falko Dressler and Onur Altintas, along with their respective teams. They have been assembling an exciting and stimulating program of technical sessions, plenaries and panels.

Enjoy the conference!

Tracy L. Fulghum
President, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society