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Getting to Nanjing:

Nanjing is well-connected to all the major cities in China and beyond.

  • Direct flights from overseas to Nanjing
    There are direct flights to Nanjing (NKG, formally called Nanjing Lukou International Airport) from many cities overseas (as of March 2016): Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and many more (especially from Asia).
  • Indirect flights from overseas and then domestic connections to Nanjing
    Option 1: While there are numerous possibilities for indirect flights, the best connected transfer airport has to be Beijing (PEK), as there are multiple flights (more than 10) between Beijing and Nanjing every day. 
    Option 2: If you are a confident traveller for China, going through Shanghai (PVG) is another option. But you may have to take the high speed train from Shanghai to Nanjing as there are only a few flights a day between Shanghai and Nanjing due to the short distance (about 300km).

Getting around Nanjing:

Nanjing has an excellent network of ground transport options (buses and metro trains). While you can take the metro train from the airport into the city, the best option is to take a taxi (the fare is normally around RMB 150 only). If your taxi driver does not speak English, please simply show him the following:

请到南京万达希尔顿酒店 (建邺区江东中路100号)  电话:025-8665 8888

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