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Dresden is situated in the south-eastern part of the Free State of Saxony, which borders not only on other German regions (Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg), but also on the Czech Republic and Poland. The city lies in a marked widening of the Elbe valley. The foothills of the Eastern Erzgebirge Mountains, the Lusatian Granite Uplands and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains characterise the delightful surroundings of the Saxon capital. In terms of area, Dresden is the fourth-largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

Location of Dresden within Europe

Getting to Dresden

By plane

Among others, the following direct connections from and to Dresden are available:

  • Within Germany
    • Frankfurt (FRA) - (7x a day)
    • Munich (MUC) - (6x a day)
    • Düsseldorf (DUS) - (6x a day)
    • Cologne Bonn (CGN)
    • Nuremburg (NUE)
    • Stuttgart (STR)
  • Within Europe
    • Wien, Austria (VIE)
    • Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)
    • Basel, Switzerland (BSL)
    • Moscow, Russia (SVO)
    • Palma de Mallorca, Spain (PMI)
    • Anatalya, Turkey (AYT)
More detailed information on destinations and time tables can be downloaded here.

The airport is located 8 km North of the city. Upon arrival at the airport, you may take a taxi to your hotel or the conference venue (approx. EUR 20,- and 25 minutes to the city center).

There are various rental car companies at the airport; however, we recommend to rely on Dresden's good public transport system as parking and traffic conditions are often not favourable.

Therefore, to get to the venue (ICCD):

  • Take the S-Bahn (to be found in the lower level of the terminal) to the railway station "Dresden Neustadt". Trains leave every 30 minutes and take about 20 minutes.
  • Tram 6, direction Gorbitz, two stations to "Maxstrasse".
    Tram 11, direction Zschertnitz, two stations to "Haus der Presse".
  • The Congress Center is visible on the left after passing the Marienbrücke Bridge.

By car

Exit at Dresden Altstadt
(from the direction of Frankfurt)

  • Exit the motorway at Dresden Altstadt to the city centre (Zentrum) on the B6 "Meissener Landstrasse".
  • It turns into Hamburger Strasse, which becomes the Schäferstrasse.
  • At the intersection of Weisseritzstrasse - before the railway underpass - turn left onto the Weisseritzstrasse.
  • Leave the Weisseritzstrasse and turn right into the Ostra Ufer.
  • Pass through the railway bridge and the Marienbrücke Bridge.
  • The International Congress Center of Dresden will be visible on the left.

Exit at Dresden Neustadt
(from the direction of Berlin/Bautzen)

  • Exit the motorway at Dresden-Nord to the city centre (Richtung Zentrum) onto Radeberger Strasse (E55).
  • Drive down Radeberger Strasse, it becomes Hansastrasse.
  • After passing through the railway bridge turn right on Antonstrasse and go on over Marienbrücke Bridge.
  • After passing the Marienbrücke Bridge, the Congress Center is visible on the left.
  • Turn right on Weisseritzstrasse and at the next intersection turn right on to Ostra Ufer.
  • Pass through the railway bridge and the Marienbrücke Bridge .
  • The Congress Center is visible on the left.

Parking facilities are available at the Congress Center (underground parking garage).

By train

Arrival Hauptbahnhof Dresden (Main Railway Station Dresden)

  • Take the S-Bahn to Meissen-Triebischtal and get off at railway station "Dresden Mitte".
  • Walk in the direction the S-Bahn was going on Könneritzstrasse towards the bridge. Turn right into Devrientstrasse before the Marienbrücke Bridge and turn left at Osta Ufer.


  • Get on Tram 11 (direction Bühlau) at the railway station, go six stops and get off at "Haus der Presse".
  • Walk in the direction the tram is going until you get to an intersection. Turn right on Könneritzstrasse.
  • Turn right at Devrientstrasse before the Marienbrücke Bridge, turn left at Ostra Ufer.

Arrival Bahnhof Dresden Neustadt (Railway Station Dresden Neustadt)

  • Get on Tram 6 (direction Gorbitz) for two stations and get off at "Maxstrasse".
    Get on Tram 11 (direction Zschertnitz) and go two stops to "Haus der Presse".
  • After crossing the Marienbrücke Bridge the Congress Center will be visible to the left.

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